Vote For OCC in the McAfee Meme War

Thanks to the efforts of our team members and some creative community members, we have three entries in the John McAfee Cryptocurrency Meme War 2018!!  The Meme War winner will win 1 BTC, with runners up receiving 2 ETH.  If OCC wins, we’ll put the prize towards exchange listing fees.

To vote, you’ll need a Twitter account.  Please make sure you follow the steps below to enter, because retweeting someone else’s entry does not count as a vote!!

According to the Official Rules:*

  • The voting button on each meme’s page will generate a Tweet containing a string representing your vote, along with a hashtag for us to link the results. Please read and understand the following rules before voting.
  • Anyone with a Twitter account may participate in the voting.
  • The voting button will format the ballot Tweet correctly. Changing the content of the Tweet may invalidate your vote.
  • Each account may cast votes for the 3 best standard memes and 1 best animated meme.
  • If you vote for more memes than the total allowed, only the final votes will count. For example, if you vote for 10 standard memes, only the last 3 votes by datestamp will be counted in the final results.
  • You may remove a vote at any time by deleting the ballot Tweet for that vote.

*NOTE: These are McAfee’s own rules – we don’t have any control over them!

To vote for the memes submitted by OCC, follow the steps below:

  1. Find the OCC memes on McAfee’s site by clicking:
  2. On that page, you’ll find three OCC memes, which is perfect, because you get 3 votes!
  3. Hover your mouse over one of the memes (or tap once if you’re on a phone), and click the magnifying glass (see picture).

  1. On the meme page, click the Twitter button at the BOTTOM of the page (see picture).

  1. A new window will open up with a pre-written tweet. Do NOT edit this tweet.  If you change it, your vote may not count.

  1. Click “Tweet” to send the tweet!
  2. There are 3 OCC memes, and you can place 3 votes, so repeat the process for the other 2 OCC memes!!