Krappy Art, Home of Undead Presidents, NFT Drop.

Undead Presidents, and NFT project by Krappy.Art, is pioneering the use of generative NFT Drops to fund charity. Krappy Art partnered with Watsi, through the release of Undead Presidents NFT Drop. In that NFT drop, Watsi received 10% share of the proceed from each Undead Presidents NFT sold.

Krappy Art did that in a novel and transparent way, by making sure Watsi’s public Ethereum (ETH) address was hard coded directly into the smart contract, so the proceeds of all Undead Presidents NFT sales were automatically delivered to the wallet controlled by Watsi, so no one had to worry about any scams or rugs regarding the donations made to Watsi.

In addition to the donations from sales, the Krappy Art team also provided Watsi with four fully minted Undead Presidents NFTs, as a long term potential source of revenue.