NOTE: The OCC “self drop” ended on March 11, 2018.  The tutorial below may still be helpful for participating in airdrops from other tokens.

You can claim your OCC tokens from our airdrop using the steps below.

  1. You will need to have MetaMask extension installed. If you do not have it installed please visit this tutorial
  2. While using Google Chrome, open a new browser and sign in to MetaMask.
  3. Visit or

  1. Click the “Get Coins” button.
  2. You’ll need to make sure you are connected to MetaMask and signed in (upper right hand corner of Google Chrome).
  3. If you don’t have Ether (ETH) in your MetaMask wallet, please follow the instructions in the tutorial mentioned in Step 1 or transfer ETH to your MetaMask wallet to complete the airdrop. Visit to check gas prices and figure out how much ETH you’ll need for gas.
  4. Clicking “Get Coins” OCC will auto-populate MetaMask information (change gas price based on the current information on
  5. Click “Submit” once in MetaMask (photo below).  Note that clicking the button repeatedly clogs the network and can waste gas.  Be patient and give the transaction a little time to complete.

  1. Once completed you should see a green box which says “4999999.9999999 OCC”


  1. To see your OCC balance inside your wallet, you’ll need to add the OCC token as a custom token in MetaMask.
  2. Navigate to MetaMask and click the tab labeled “Tokens” then click “Add Token”.
  3. Enter the following:

Token Contract Address: 0x0235fe624e044a05eed7a43e16e3083bc8a4287a

Token Symbol: OCC

Decimals of Precision: 18


  1. Congratulations! You should see 5 Million OCC tokens in your MetaMask wallet.  From here you will be able to transfer OCC to any ERC-20 compatible token wallet.  (Cipher Browser,, Trust Wallet, Mist, etc.)

Note – Most cryptocurrency exchanges do not hold ERC-20 tokens. None hold OCC at this time.

Do NOT send your OCC to exchange wallets on Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex, Binance, Gemini, etc.