Create a Ethereum Wallet  on (MEW)

Step 1. Create your wallet

  1. Visit and double check that the URL displayed in the address bar of your browser is correct.
  2. Enter a strong password in the box.
  3. Then click ‘Create New Wallet’.

  1. Click ‘Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON)’ and save this file somewhere safe on your computer or a USB drive. Double check the saved location.
  2. Click ‘I understand. Continue’.


  1. Click ‘Print Paper Wallet’ or write your private key down on a piece of paper.
    • Do not lose it! It cannot be recovered if you lose it.
    • Do not share it! Your funds will be stolen if you use this file on a malicious/phishing site.
    • Make a backup!

This key is yours and yours alone.  You will need this to access your Ethereum or Original Crypto Coin.

To unlock or access your wallet you will have 6 possible options.  For this tutorial we will only use the Private Key OR the Keystore / JSON file you saved.

  1. To use your private key, click the Private Key radio button.
  2. Copy and Paste or type the Private Key code in the box.

You can also use the Keystore / JSON File you saved.


  1. Your Ethereum Wallet is now active
  2. Revisit and click ‘View Wallet Info’ in the top right to access your wallet in the future.

Remember to Save your public and private keys securely.

Viewing Your Original Crypto Coin  Tokens

  1. Click ‘View Wallet Info’ and then ‘Token Balance’.
  2. Click ‘Add Custom Token’.

  1. Enter the following:

Token Contract Address: 0x0235fe624e044a05eed7a43e16e3083bc8a4287a

Token Symbol: OCC

Decimals of Precision: 18