NOTE: The OCC “self drop” ended on March 11, 2018.  The tutorial below may still be helpful for participating in airdrops from other tokens.

Use the Cipher Browser to claim your OCC using the steps below.

  1. Download Cipher Browser by visiting or accessing through your mobile app store.

2. Open the Cipher Browser app and click “Get Started” and “Create New Wallet”.

  1.  Pick your Master Wallet icon.

4. You will be given 20 words for a recovery phrase.  It’s suggested to write these down on a piece of paper.  You can take a screenshot if you don’t automatically upload your photos to cloud storage, but it isn’t as secure as storing the phrase on paper.


5.  Next, you can protect your wallet by creating a fingerprint password, or you can use the gear icon at the top right to select a 4- or 6-digit pass code.



6. You should now see your master wallet.  You will need to transfer Ethereum (ETH) into this wallet using the “Receive” address.  Around $0.20-0.30 USD worth of ETH will usually be enough to claim OCC.



7. Use the browser in Cipher (bottom-left compass button) to navigate to and click “Go”.

8. Scroll down and click the button “Get Coins”.


9. On the Sign Transaction Screen click the gear button in the upper right corner and change the gas price based on the current safe low gas price on to lower the transfer cost to $0.10-0.15 USD.


10. After adjusting the gas, click “Approve” once.

It should take a moment to approve the transaction.  If it fails, you may need to increase your gas price to a higher amount.

11. You should see a screen like this:


12. You will need to add the OCC token to see your balance.  On the wallet screen click “Add Tokens”.

13. Enter in the following data for the OCC token:

Token Contract Address: 0x0235fe624e044a05eed7a43e16e3083bc8a4287a

Token Symbol: OCC

Decimals of Precision: 18


  1. Congrats! You should see 5 Million Tokens in your wallet!