Based on current progress towards the TUSC swap and mainnet launch, we’ve reached the conclusion that we cannot meet our planned swap date deadline  of July 15th.  After evaluating our current progress, we plan to open the swap for 30 days beginning on September 1, 2019.  We understand that many of you will be disappointed or frustrated, but we know that rushing towards launch without being fully prepared could lead to bigger problems than this short term delay.

One of our primary concerns in making the transition from OCC to TUSC is ensuring that all of the necessary pieces are in place to ensure that the swap occurs without error and our new blockchain functions as expected at mainnet launch.  This involves finishing and testing multiple interdependent products including the blockchain itself, a block explorer, wallet, API documentation, swap server, tutorials and help docs.

There are many benefits to launching a community project.  We are enormously grateful for the hours that developers and other volunteers have invested so far, and their commitment to seeing this project through to launch and beyond!  Sometimes, however, community driven work takes extra time to come together.

We appreciate your patience, and look forward to a successful swap in September!