TUSC Launches Sweepstakes Campaign


TUSC Cryptocurrency Project Launches Sweepstakes Campaign

TUSC MP, the acting TUSC marketing partner, launches prize giveaway of 100 Million TUSC.

Salt Lake City – April 13, 2020 – TUSC announced today the public launch of its sweepstakes campaign with a giveaway of five prizes with a total value of 100 million TUSC.

Rob McNealy, TUSC’s co-founder, said, “We are really excited to grow the TUSC community and increase awareness of the project through this giveaway campaign.”

McNealy continued, “This sweepstakes is just one of several giveaways TUSC MP has planned in partnership with retailers who have agreed to accept TUSC.  These partnerships are critical to the growth of the project, and to increase awareness of the retailers who will be accepting TUSC as payment.”

About TUSC

TUSC – The Universal Settlement Coin – is an open source, pure payments cryptocurrency project built on a delegated proof of stake (DPOS) blockchain. TUSC is a decentralized, non-ICO, community project with on-chain governance.

TUSC is purpose built for retailer adoption using a unique marketing model with an elected and term limited third party vendor, called the Marketing Partner, whose role is to support the onboarding of retailers and promote TUSC through aggressive marketing and sales strategies to vertical markets and industries with recognized problems with existing payment systems.

For more information, visit: https://tusc.network/100-million-tusc-giveaway-sweepstakes/