Now that the hard fork has been successfully completed and blocks are being produced on the new chain, you’ll need to complete a claim process to see your TUSC in your account. This process only applies to TUSC that was in your own account – exchanges will need to complete the process on their end for any TUSC you left on an exchange during the fork. There are two options for claiming – you can either: 1) download and run a program which will collect your account information and then will broadcast the transaction for you, or 2) run the commands in the CLI yourself.

For Option 1 (on Windows computers):
Note: Your antivirus software or Windows Defender may provide a warning when running this program. If you run into any trouble, check your antivirus software for any alerts and try again.

1. Click this link to download the necessary zip file.
2. Unzip the file.
3. In the unzipped directory, double click on the file named “RunThisProgram.bat”.
4. Enter your TUSC account name, your private key, and a password to encrypt the key you’ve provided. The password should NOT contain any special characters.
5. Click “Create Information File”
6. The screen on the interface will provide a message telling you to close the program.
7. After you exit the program, a series of commands will run automatically in the Windows command prompt. A transaction will be broadcast to claim your TUSC, and you’ll be able to see it in your wallet once the transaction has processed.

For Option 2 (CLI):
1. Run the following command:
./cli_wallet -s wss:// –chain-id eb938e2a955e39e335120d0a99f3b9f8c04a9ed5690275ea5037d6bbadfc6cf3 -w new.wallet

2. Follow the prompts to create a password and unlock the wallet:
set_password yourpasswordhere
unlock yourpasswordhere

3. import_key youraccountname yourprivatekey

3. import_balance youraccountname [“yourprivatekey”] true