February 18, 2020 TUSC Contributor

TUSC Added to Blockfolio Portfolio Tracker

TUSC on Blockfolio

We are excited to announce that TUSC has been added to the popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker Blockfolio. To get started tracking TUSC, you’ll need to install the Blockfolio app from Google Play or the App Store.  Once the app is installed, navigate through the introductory screens until you get to the coin list.  Then select the “Add Coin” button indicated by the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

Add Coin to Blockfolio

On the next screen, type “TUSC” into the search field and The Universal Settlement Coin will pop up.

Search TUSC in Blockfolio

After you click on TUSC, you’ll be able to add exchange or transfer transactions, and track the value of your portfolio!

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