TUSC, Free Speech and the Canadian Freedom Convoy

Waving Canadian Flag

TUSC, Free Speech and the Canadian Freedom Convoy Recently, our Canadian brothers to the north have been struggling with the COVID pandemic and how best to cope with it. The government there took a very heavy handed and zero tolerance approach to mask and vaccine mandates. That heavy handed approach has resulted in severe COVID […]

TUSC Trading on Atomars

We’re excited to announce that TUSC is now now trading on Atomars Exchange. Don’t miss out – you can take advantage of 0% trading fees for the TUSC-BTC pair until November 4, 2020!  Registered users can also collect free TUSC and other coins from the Atomars faucet. If you have any trouble getting started or […]

ExMarkets Adds TUSC-USDT Pair

We recently updated our trading pair on ExMarkets from BTC to USDT and trading has now resumed on the new pair. Best of luck and happy trading!

TUSC Announces Listing on Bololex Exchange

TUSC is proud to announce we are now listed on Bololex with a BTC pair.  To purchase TUSC on the Bololex exchange, you can follow the link to TUSC and sign up today to start trading!

New TUSC Trading Pairs on Altilly

Three new TUSC trading pairs are live on Altilly!  Visit now to trade TUSC against Ethereum (ETH), Doge, or Qredit (XQR).  The BTC trading pair is still live too, so you’ve got lot’s of choices if you’re looking to trade.

TUSC Listed on ExMarkets

We’re excited to announce that TUSC has been accepted for a listing on ExMarkets Exchange with a Bitcoin pair!  TUSC deposits opened today, May 5th, and trading on a Bitcoin pair will officially go live on May 6th.

How to Create a TUSC Account

One of the unique features of TUSC is the use of human readable account names for sending and receiving TUSC, in place of long public keys.  It’s free and easy to set up a TUSC account and wallet.  Please be sure to save your account name, public and private keys, and pass phrase securely so […]

TUSC Added to Blockfolio Portfolio Tracker

We are excited to announce that TUSC has been added to the popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracker Blockfolio. To get started tracking TUSC, you’ll need to install the Blockfolio app from Google Play or the App Store.  Once the app is installed, navigate through the introductory screens until you get to the coin list.  Then select the “Add Coin” […]