Cryptocurrency: Commodity or Security?

Ever since cryptocurrencies became more mainstream, government agencies, investors and the projects themselves have debated whether they are commodities or securities. Because of the unique and evolving nature of cryptocurrency, it’s been a challenge to get real answers from any authorities on the classification. However, a series of recent statements and judicial rulings have helped […]

5 Wallet Types for Storing Cryptocurrency

Getting a cryptocurrency wallet is an important first step to using, trading, sending and receiving crypto including altcoins and Bitcoin.  This article will explain 5 major types of crypto wallets, and some of the pros and cons of each. Note: examples provided do not represent endorsement of these products.  As always, do your own research. […]

7 Common Crypto Scams to Avoid

Humans have probably been scamming each other for long as we’ve existed, and sadly, cryptocurrency has given rise to new variations on common scams.  In this article we’ll describe 7 common types of cryptoscams, and some basic tips on how to protect yourself. 1.  Imposter Websites Setting up a fake website to mislead people looking […]