TUSC Trading on Atomars

We’re excited to announce that TUSC is now now trading on Atomars Exchange. Don’t miss out – you can take advantage of 0% trading fees for the TUSC-BTC pair until November 4, 2020!  Registered users can also collect free TUSC and other coins from the Atomars faucet. If you have any trouble getting started or […]

TUSC Listed on ExMarkets

We’re excited to announce that TUSC has been accepted for a listing on ExMarkets Exchange with a Bitcoin pair!  TUSC deposits opened today, May 5th, and trading on a Bitcoin pair will officially go live on May 6th.

TUSC Listed on ProBit

ProBit Exchange

We’re excited to announce that TUSC has been accepted for a listing on ProBit exchange!  With a normalized trading volume around $50 million per day, ProBit is the largest exchange to list TUSC to date.  TUSC deposits will open on February 27th, and trading on a Bitcoin pair will go live on February 28th at […]

TUSC Now Trading on FinexBox

Finexbox Listing

We’re excited to announce that TUSC is now listed on FinexBox Exchange with a Bitcoin trading pair! You can start trading TUSC today by creating a FinexBox account.  When you send deposits to the exchange from your TUSC account, don’t forget to include your numeric FinexBox account ID in the memo field to ensure your […]

Now Trading on Altilly

This week Original Crypto Coin was listed on Altilly, a new exchange which has opened up a couple of brand new trading pairs for OCC – OCC1/USDT and OCC1/DOGE.  There’s also an ETH pair.  You can follow Altilly on Twitter or Telegram if you need help getting started with trading!

Video Tutorial: Using EasyTrade to Buy on Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges offer crypto traders many benefits including anonymity, and a chance to buy new tokens early, before they are traded on major exchanges  However, the multiple steps required to navigate trading on most decentralized exchanges can be difficult to manage and understand.  The EasyTrade Widget, powered by DexDex, gives users a simplified interface which […]

Pros and Cons of Decentralized Exchanges

An exchange is an organized market where tradable items are bought and sold. In the world of cryptocurrency, there are online exchange platforms where people can trade different types of cryptocurrency or fiat currency. Decentralized exchanges are what make cryptocurrency truly desirable for those that want a system that doesn’t use a third party intermediary […]

Overview of KYC/AML Laws

Criminals and terrorists have long sought out ways to legitimize their money so they can apply it toward their goals. Money laundering describes the process by which these groups hide the ownership of their money and pass it through several sources until it has the appearance of legitimacy. The criminals are looking to disguise the […]

OCC Listed on TokenJar!

Our second of two new decentralized exchange listings is TokenJar.  We know some of you are still a little unfamiliar with how decentralized exchanges work,  so here’s a quick look at the TokenJar interface. When you open the site, you’ll click the little arrow inside the area we circled, and then type OCC in the […]

OCC Trading on Bitox

The OCC community asked for listings on more decentralized exchanges, so we’re happy to announce the first of two new listings!  Original Crypto Coin is now trading on Bitox.io.  Happy trading!