Blockchain Smart Contracts

Anyone that is interested in cryptocurrency needs to become better acquainted with how blockchain smart contracts work. Just as traditional contracts bind two parties in the exchange of assets like stocks or property, smart contracts perform a similar function for those who want to engage in transactions with cryptocurrency. Understanding blockchain smart contracts will help […]

Understanding Gas and Ethereum Transactions

On April 11, the Original Crypto Coin team held our first #CryptoEdOCC live online educational event about gas. This article includes the content that was shared during the free event. The role gas plays on the Ethereum blockchain an be a major source of confusion for crypto beginners. Personally, I had more than a couple […]

How to See OCC in Your Wallet (Adding a Custom Token)

With some wallets, like Trust, you’ll be able to see your OCC token balance as soon as your tokens arrive in your wallet, but with others you might need to add OCC as a custom token to see your balance. Note: you can use a blockchain explorer like to see your token balance without […]

Tutorial: Transferring ETH from MyEtherWallet to MetaMask

Installing & Setting Up MetaMask Install the MetaMask extension in the Chrome Store. Install by clicking “Add to Chrome”. Accept the Privacy Notice. Create your own password. Choose one that is unique and only you know, and keep it in a safe place. You are now shown 12 words. These 12 words are your seed […]