Retail Transaction Fees and Block Rewards

Retail Purchase Transaction Fees

TUSC transaction fees for retail purchases will be paid by the retailer/seller, as is the norm in other familiar payment methods like credit and debit cards. TUSC will have the advantage of having lower fees which are the same for all retailers accepting TUSC, regardless of their size or transaction volume.  The initial TUSC retail transaction fee will be set at 0.5% of the transaction amount (Figure 1), with 0.2% of the transaction amount being allocated to block producers as compensation for their work maintaining the blockchain, and 0.2% being allocated to the Marketing Partner to fund marketing and business development activities.  The remainder of the transaction fee is split between the charity fund and affiliate fees.

TUSC Transaction Fee DistributionBlock Rewards

In addition to the transaction fee, block rewards will be generated with an initial 5% annual inflation rate, which can be changed by voting.  The block rewards will be distributed to the block producer who produces each block, the marketing partner, alternate block producers, and the worker fund.  The initial distribution of block rewards is shown in Figure 2.

TUSC Block Reward Distribution