TUSC Partners

TUSC is always open to working with partners.  TUSC is currently in high level discussions with several very large industry partners to provide payment and NFT solutions for them.

Current Partners

  • AirCoins App: Aircoins is an augmented realty crypto based scavenger hunt game. You can collect free TUSC inside the game.
  • APM 80: APM makes high quality 80% projects. They have designed custom TUSC theme products and also accept TUSC for payment.
  • Athletes TV:  Athetes.TV is a sports centric video streaming site. They are collaborating with TUSC on NFT creation and and crypto payments.
  • Citizen Armor: Makes custom state of the art nano tech body armor for civilians. They have supported TUSC with custom products and accept TUSC for payment.
  • CypherStack: CypherStack is blockchain consulting and development company which assisted TUSC on development.
  • Epik: Epik is a top 20 domain registrar. TUSC was integrated into their MasterBucks payment system. You can buy domain names with TUSC.
  • Forging Block: TUSC has been integrated into Forging Block’s payment gateways which allows retailers to accept payments in TUSC.
  • Krappy.Art: Krappy Art is an NFT Art project that raises money for charities. Krappy Art is working with TUSC on future implementations and NFT drops.
  • Swampdog Armory:  Swampdog Armory is a custom gunsmith that has assisted TUSC with custom products for giveaways. 
  • Xelot Film: Xelot Film is an independent production studio that assists TUSC with marketing and commercial production.