OCC to TUSC Swap Tutorial – MetaMask

The window for swapping your OCC to TUSC will run from September 1-30, 2019.  The process has been tested using MetaMask and Trust wallet, but it may be possible to complete the swap using other wallets which have dApp browser functionality.  To swap your OCC to TUSC using MetaMask, opening the following swap page at swap.TUSC.network and then follow the steps below.  If you’re looking for a different tutorial, check the list:

Generate New TUSC Keys

  1. Review the instructions on the main swap page and then click the links at the bottom to visit the registration page at https://swap.tusc.network/registerer.html.
  2. Generate new TUSC keys by clicking the button labeled “Get new keys and key phrase.”
  3. A new set of keys will be displayed. Copy and save the private and public keys and key phrase in a secure location.  TUSC does not record these key sets, and they cannot be recovered if you lose your keys.

Name Your TUSC Account

  1. Scroll down the registration page to the section labeled “Register a TUSC Account
  2. Paste your TUSC public key into the box labeled “Your public key.”
  3. Type your desired account name into the next field and then click the button labeled “Register new TUSC account.”
  4. A message will then display below the button.  Copy and save the information along with your keys.

Send Your OCC

  1. Ensure that you are logged in to MetaMask.
  2. Visit the swapper page at https://swap.tusc.network/swapper.html.
  3. If this is the first time you’ve swapped in this browser, a popup will ask you to allow the swap website to connect to you MetaMask wallet.  Click “Connect” to proceed.

  1. After connecting, use the dropdown to select the ethereum wallet address which contains your OCC.
  2. Then enter the TUSC account name you created above in the field labeled “TUSC Account name (to swap OCC into).”
  3. Then click “Approve Full OCC Balance Swap”.

  1. A pop up will ask you to confirm that you’ve entered your account name correctly.

  1. After you click “OK” a MetaMask window will open.  MetaMask will automatically suggest a gas amount, but you can change it by clicking “Edit”. Note: MetaMask may automatically calculate a very high gas limit for this transaction.  You can change the limit to 100,000 and change the gas price based on the current safe low on ethgasstation.info.
  2. Once your gas is set properly, click “Confirm” and then a second confirmation window will open.  You may see an error about a contract exception.  This will not impact your ability to complete the swap.
  3. Click “Confirm” again, and your transaction will be sent.

  1. Once your transaction is confirmed, you can click the link labeled “Transaction Results” to view the OCC transaction on Etherscan.
  2. Once your OCC transaction is completed, it will take at least 15 minutes for you to receive your TUSC.
  3. To check the balance of your TUSC account, enter your account name in the field as shown below, and your balance will be displayed.

  1. You can follow the overall progress of the swap on the swap stats page at https://swap.tusc.network/swapstats.html.