April 4, 2018 TUSC Contributor

OCC Now Trading on Octaex.com

Note as of 6/7/18 – The OctaEx website has been unavailable intermittently, and there are reports online of their users being unable to withdraw coins when the site is up.  For the time being, we do NOT recommend attempting to trade on OctaEx.

We’re very pleased to announce that Original Crypto Coin is now trading on Octaex.com! In addition to a new forum for trading, this listing on Octal Bit Exchanger introduces our first BTC/OCC trading pair.  You can also find the ETH/OCC pair here.

The OCC team has not control over trades made or orders placed on Octaex.com.  You can visit their website for support or to find links to their social media channels with help.

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