Our second of two new decentralized exchange listings is TokenJar.  We know some of you are still a little unfamiliar with how decentralized exchanges work,  so here’s a quick look at the TokenJar interface. When you open the site, you’ll click the little arrow inside the area we circled, and then type OCC in the search box. The green arrow we drew is pointing at buy orders. If you click on one of those orders, you can sell OCC to fill that order.

WETH = wrapped ETH. Just connect your MetaMask wallet, wrap the ETH you want to spend, leave a little ETH for gas, and you should be good to go! Decentralized exchanges don’t “match” orders automatically like centralized exchanges do, so if you see a price you like, you need to select that order and buy from it or sell to it directly. Usually you can do partial fills by buying or selling just a portion of the requested amount.  The remaining tokens in the order can then be filled by other traders.