February 24, 2018 TUSC Contributor

How to See OCC in Your Wallet (Adding a Custom Token)

With some wallets, like Trust, you’ll be able to see your OCC token balance as soon as your tokens arrive in your wallet, but with others you might need to add OCC as a custom token to see your balance.

Note: you can use a blockchain explorer like etherscan.io to see your token balance without adding a custom token.

To add OCC as a custom token, use the following values:

Contract Address: 0x0235fe624e044a05eed7a43e16e3083bc8a4287a
Token Decimals: 18
Token Symbol: OCC

This is what the form looks like on MetaMask:

MetaMask Custom Token

You can use the same process to add other custom tokens to your wallet as well!

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