“Gun Friendly” TUSC Cryptocurrency Begins Token Swap


“Gun Friendly” TUSC Cryptocurrency Begins Token Swap

New Gun Friendly TUSC Cryptocurrency Created its Genesis Block and Initiated its Token Swap

Salt Lake City, UT – September 1st, 2019 – The Universal Settlement Coin (TUSC) announced today that they successfully created the genesis block for their new blockchain and began their 30-day token swap period.

Rob McNealy, TUSC’s CoFounder, said: “We are excited to announce that we have created the TUSC genesis block and have started our swap. Our community of volunteer developers worked nearly a year to get us to this point and I could not be prouder to have been a part of this fine group of passionate and dedicated professionals.”

McNealy continued, “TUSC was purposefully designed from the beginning to solve a problem for American firearms retailers, which have a recognized problem with traditional banking and payment processing. Even though the industry generates more about $50 billion dollars of revenue annually, retailers still struggle with getting banking and merchant accounts. When they can obtain them, they are charged excessive fees and have difficulties with chargebacks. TUSC solves many of these problems, and so far, the industry has been very receptive to our project. Retailers have already committed to accepting TUSC as soon as the payment gateways are completed.”

About TUSC

TUSC is a Non-ICO, fully decentralized, delegated proof of state (DPOS), community driven cryptocurrency project. No one owns TUSC. There is no CEO or management team. All decisions about TUSC are made via community proposals from the holders of TUSC.