I received a TUSC referral link, what now

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I received a TUSC referral link–what now?

The link you received should look like this: 

https://tusc.network/wallet/create-account/password/?r=<referring account> 

with the actual referring account substituted for <referring account>. This link will take you to an account creation page that is part of the TUSC wallet. Once there, follow these instructions: 

1. Verify that the account that referred you is listed as the Referral Account.

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/Ekaqb46EDHui9nZVF5ihSHduFBdZggICVOcJ-vWvosPLHIiT9_fCfIzqWCtv45KhxFrsu809d2sATT3v9uf4xViYY_ZVcpDsmq3O3uiup6prQA0zMmnQw1aEACLlaSFBWHXz0vFs There was an error displaying this embed.

2. Determine what your account name will be and type it in the ACCOUNT NAME (PUBLIC) field. Account names must be more than 7 and fewer than 64 characters. They consist of lower case characters, numbers and dashes. 

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/o41jwPYz6HRyVLscon46U8T5zJAlEYYUMm9ZiULSa1XpMmttVaE6WgQEiuh-v4tcPHiGMkWA4-gzy02bgJIw4Si7whOvzuocBfeV4AiUpEga5C0kmdvts5C30UI9MHtiFw9bWY-F There was an error displaying this embed.

3. Copy and store the GENERATED PRIVATE KEY, GENERATED PUBLIC KEY and GENERATED KEY PHRASE in a secure location.

https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/3iuABvkX52mATh2xmq3aDGcKGvL9grUvqvDZ5tEjsFZZ5zYVFLSnLFL5YvnThfJVxVkDRheokaYYxQstf1NGbUumkpNMiXsWSpbE4wt8k4Eb7F6DuCHePk_kaydfnwZb0U2VnEcz There was an error displaying this embed.

x4. After saving this information in a secure location, copy the private key and paste it into the CONFIRM PRIVATE KEY field.

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/jo_8kVLdmtmcr6WuBvE_7tJ8Y4vjiqZ4qXSTiWq_WIjg4fNgrxQpSnq-kWQLqHcSWNUCsb3vpkPtVIzwQBjY0DQ9INylhIO3huiTZ4jiY0oNDySkQaGzHxUz2ktL7tGBmU1Xq_0f There was an error displaying this embed.

5. Read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Understand the information associated with the three check boxes before you check them. 

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/jFQOFDvqHXZ4vsgf89hBlkF5L0fumWzvlYShU9L1AdyZjuuxYddNqkF_P6JbxscigL1Amnxb_ZhR_QdFpJhoyVY4dhnEaxHp7y7WMe5OMlEKZ282Hq2rURs5AB62TNDTKSox2iIm There was an error displaying this embed.

6. Press the Create account button at the bottom.

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/U2W1PC1ppfkMPf_90usC9N7cLNyuSsb7TMIsXrzCTiQ-9Rc3w4xw_fxro0v01hYmxESz-84KfBuRmCUBMCPZ091JEr-scUYAphf6Yvn_D8J75Rlxh4J6gHpSZyhkeI7YWLFTtBIH There was an error displaying this embed.

7. A confirmation box will appear. Close the box to be taken to a login page. 

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/4NtW6Q0w9nonte7vIMqjuMUl-nT24Vw4AN5ikL_1JjR99oVo3JtqMlWv6KL310-U7PcvyV73_aNy-_7GtC8YbXVLiYp2eXfoGzv8DWns1uYb1qxggZgQU-nf705tY0Rp-3F31aL- There was an error displaying this embed.

8. Use your account name and private key to login.

9. Use the menu in the upper right corner and choose Permissions.

https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/6_agBivW2L0D2h8MIZGtWVw73D6RwCgSzqj-5vmTRMHiz8Lw8lo82okhBM2otV5yevbN-BmqiuOyU1GPDExFqJglZKmDulNlehN79-St5J6bmWL8gtaiaB5jqTe7Nkt2KaaM7fM- There was an error displaying this embed.

10. In the upper right corner of the Permissions page, click the Create Paper Wallet button. This will create a pdf with your public and private keys. Secure this in such a way that you will be able to use it to recover your account if you lose all other copies of your keys, but that no one else will be able to find it and steal your TUSC. 

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/gaoOgogSRDfnNc7zLLxamTxfAFa3v3L0k76uxRikmwOE4JXopL2H_BXr54MB9dKyiSRg602a5vJxfD05Rl96EVrh0PMZpMHeJUiiKQ_KCJaM_hGJl8K0FjoJ1lUcAQqq0vkJ4Q5Z There was an error displaying this embed.

11. Now you can use the wallet to check your balance, transfer TUSC to others, become a lifetime member, refer other people , and more. 

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