TUSC reserve funds

TUSC has a total supply (sometimes referred to as the current maximum supply) that grows at a rate of inflation set by the committee. The circulating supply is all of the TUSC in public wallets and vesting balances (the TUSC available to transfer, trade, make purchases, etc.). The difference between the total supply and the circulating supply is called the reserve. The reserve is used to pay block rewards and worker proposals. The block reward amount and the daily worker budget are set by the committee. TUSC in the reserve is brought into circulation through block rewards and worker payments. 

The amounts in these three buckets of TUSC (total supply, circulating supply and reserve) can be seen at this address: https://tusc.network/wallet/asset/TUSC. Make sure you are on the Asset info tab. As of 2/3/2020 (before the transfer) it looks like this:

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/9WPBY3q_WPuWTrzseE437hMmUd5Fhu3L7R-YBDJE19Vr9rafovmpnPp23Jt-pZUO2sEQUvbypSCZw9NoZv1ZUUarWs_LlykzWmy9Y9vqVYM7oUt-7zY8XXyrhBXS_fkZYNw9WlVF There was an error displaying this embed.

There are about 7 billion TUSC left in the swap account. On 2/3/2020 this amount will be moved into the reserve. This will substantially decrease the circulating supply and increase the reserve. This was part of the swap plan from the beginning, and the time has come to make the move. There are also some general accounts that are earning TUSC in various ways, like block rewards and referral rewards, whose funds will be moved to the reserve periodically. These transactions will be recorded on the blockchain in the same way that all transactions are recorded. Some of the accounts that fall into this category are: the swap account, the initial block producer accounts, and the registration faucet. 

After this movement, the reserve will have enough funds to fully fund activities for approximately 4.2 years at the current daily worker budget. As a committee, we expect to reduce the daily worker budget as the value of TUSC increases against other crypto and fiat currencies. Unspent worker budget, as well as 10% of each block reward, is returned to the reserve. With these factors managed by the committee, we expect the reserve to last indefinitely. 

Please feel free to post questions about this process on this thread. 

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