Work Proposal for RarelyCharles

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279240000 TUSC (1534285.714 per day for 182 days)


2020/01/01 - 2020/07/01 (6 months, 182 days)

Worker ID


This proposal is to fund my work effort for the first half of this year (Januray 1st to July 1st) on the TUSC network. I plan to devote 12 hours a week to the project until July 1st and then re-evaluate. If I start working more than that, I will re-evaluate the value of TUSC and determine if I'm satisfied with the pay rate and, if I'm not satisfied, I'll create additional Worker Proposals to accommodate. Note that it starts January 29th to allow people time to vote for it but includes hours for the first few weeks of January.

Who I am

I have been the lead engineer on TUSC since September 2018 and am an integral part of its development, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. You can follow my commits in GitHub:

What will I do in the next 6 months

  • Fix bugs on the GUI wallet (
  • Design and development TUSC payment gateways
  • Add support for charities in the TUSC network blockchain
  • Add support for voting for the marketing partner in the TUSC network blockchain

Calculation for worker amount

My rate of pay is $75/hour. As of this post, TUSC is valued at $0.00008369 ( That puts my hourly rate at ~894988.0668257757 TUSC, but since that's a silly number, I'm going to round it up to 895000 TUSC per hour. 12 hours a week, for the first 6 months (Januray 1st to July 1st) which is 26 

weeks, comes out to 312 hours which is 279240000 TUSC in total. 279240000/182 days = 1534285.714 TUSC per day.

Funds will vest over a 7 day period.

To be paid to TUSC account

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