attero-tusc Worker Proposal, Funding For First Half of 2020

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Fund attero-tusc development, 1st half of 2020

Name attero-tusc development, first half of 2020

Category -

Freelancer Ben Dubois

Total 61,456,000 TUSC (381,714 per day)

Duration 2020/01/15 - 2020/06/30

Worker ID attero-tusc

Dear TUSC community,

I have been working on TUSC for over a year. Now that worker proposals are available I am submitting this proposal to fund my work effort for January 15 through June 30, 2020. My contributions to this point have been primarily dev ops. I have helped setting up testnets and mainnet, I created documentation for block producers to get their witness nodes up and running and provided support to several block producers. I have tested new releases and I understand the functionality of TUSC very well. I plan to devote 4 hours per week to TUSC for the first half of 2020 and then reevaluate requirements at that point and submit a new worker proposal at that time. 

Who I am

I have been a junior engineer on TUSC since October 2018. My day job is Plant Manager of a medium sized manufacturing company.

What will I do in the next 6 months

  • Document current known issues, test fixes by others and document new issues.
  • Test and document ways for block producers to operate more reliably, i.e. a hot swappable server system or similar.
  • Document details and usage of the referral program for easy use by community members, including any new releases during the time period.
  • Explore the stealth supply options available in TUSC and document the system for easy usage. 
  • Support onboarding with additional exchanges identified by the TUSC marketing partner.

Calculation for worker amount

My rate of pay is $55/hour. As of this post, TUSCs average price is $0.00008229 ( That puts my hourly rate at ~668,000 TUSC. 4 hours per week is 2,672,000 TUSC per week or 381,714 TUSC per day, which is how worker proposals are defined. This will be a total of about 61,456,000 TUSC from Jan. 15 to June 30.

Funds will vest over a 7 day period.

To be paid to TUSC account


I will post updates on my work here in this thread.

If you support these efforts please consider voting for my worker proposal. Thank you!


  • I made an error in decimal placement on my first submission, it will only pay 3.82 TUSC per day. I submitted a revised, corrected version (worker proposals can't be edited or deleted once they are submitted). Please vote for the revised version and ignore the original. Thanks!

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    Where can I find documentation that has the details for voting for workers?

    Info such as..... how many votes are needed to approve a worker? What happens if people remove their votes after worker is approved? (i.e. firing the worker).

    Ben is a desirable asset to have working on the TUSC project and I support him as worker with my vote.

  • I can vouch for all of the hard work Ben has put in over the past year+. He's been instrumental in supporting the test net, getting BPs up and running, and testing various on chain operations. I 100% support funding this worker proposal.

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