New worker proposal to fund faucet account

An account called registration-faucet will create a proposal to take all of the worker budget (500,000 TUSC per day) for 54 days to fund the creation of 100,000 accounts through the GUI wallet and other promotions.

Please vote for it!

Proposal ID 1.11.0


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    And why do we want 100,000 accounts? During swap that created a problem. How does it benefit TUSC now? Or can I assume this is a joke?

  • During the swap, the accounts were malicious spam. This is so we can build up the user base once marketing begins.

  • The funds set aside through this proposal will cover the account creation cost (currently 270 TUSC per account). We don't know how long it will take to add 100,000 accounts but we want to be well prepared as the marketing partner begins operations and expands the reach and influence of TUSC. Sorry it came across as a joke. I should have included more information.

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    Isn't this contrary to what Rob said previously? "The team decided that having hundreds of thousands of fake accounts in the system would give Maxies, fudders, and exchanges the perception that we were trying to fake our numbers and could damage our reputation and chances of getting on legit exchanges."

    I just want to be clear on what team is thinking now. Obviously only 400-ish current accounts is not a strong selling point for the 'marketing partner'.

  • The accounts aren't being created right now. The funds are being set aside to create the accounts as more users come on board.

  • The accounts aren't being created right now. This is just to provide the account creation fund with enough TUSC so we don't have to keep watching and topping it off with multiple proposals to prevent potential new users from being driven away in frustration because the fund is empty. There is a captcha and other security to prevent mass spam account creating, as we added when we restarted the swap. No one wants to create thousands of fake accounts.

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