Sponsorship: Who Moved My Freedom Podcast with Hank Strange


Hank Strange

Total Compensation

571,428,571.428 TUSC

Total Duration

240 Shows

Est. Time Frame

01/01/2021 – 12/31/2021


This proposal is for sponsorship of the Who Moved My Freedom Podcast. The Who Moved My Freedom or WMMF Podcast is a Pro Second Amendment Lifestyle Podcast that Airs LIVE on YouTube (7.5K Subs) Monday thru Friday 7pm to 9pm Eastern Standard Time. Covering 2A Culture, News, and Politics in America and Around the World, from a Fun & Funny Point Of View. Audio Only Versions of the Show is Rebroadcast on hankstrange.com and Other Popular audio listening platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Spreaker, Soundcloud etc.. (Avg. 500 downloads/day) Portions of the video are cut and uploaded to the Hankstrange YouTube channel (106K subs).

Our target audience is the second amendment community from manufacturers, inventors, content creators, writers, 2A advocacy groups and individuals as well as consumers. My audience also includes small and large business owners of brick and mortar and online establishments. I believe that the gun community is behind when it comes to alternative ways of conducting business and is in dire need of alternative social media outlets. The Second Amendment has been and will continue to be under political attack in the upcoming years. Crypto maybe the key to survival of the gun industry for conducting business. I am eager to do everything I can to educate the community about viable alternatives like TUSC.

Who I Am

I am an Enthusiastic Supporter of The Second Amendment, and a Prolific YouTube Content Creator and Podcaster. I have been creating 2A content for 8 years on YouTube. The WMMF Podcast is 3 years old with nearly 700 episodes to date. I am also a freelance Writer for AmmoLand News. My collaborations within the community has gained me a rapport with the community from CEO’s to Writers, Content Creators and the audience. This puts me in a position to bring new ideas and valuable information to the community. I will be sharing my full support of TUSC with my audience and 2A community at large.




What TUSC Will Receive

·     Live mention at the beginning of the show once a week

·     Banner shown during the entire live broadcast once a week

·     Thank you at the end of the show once a week

·     Inclusion of TUSC in all video description

·     Inclusion of TUSC in all audio distribution

Total Breakdown

The ad rate would be 1,565,557.73/per day

1,565,557.73 x 365 = 571,428,571.428 TUSC


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