rabtai: Work proposal for continuous work on TUSC

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Proposal: Fund rabtai for continuous work on TUSC for 1st half of 2020

Name of the Proposal: rabtai's proposal for TUSC development for 1st half of 2020

Worker ID: rabtai

Total: 128,260,000 (Check below to see how it is calculated)

Duration: Jan 27 2020 - June 30th 2020

Vesting Period: 30 Days (832,857 per day)

Good Morning,

I have been following TSUC (then OCC) for almost 2 years. Few Months before the swap, I got to meet with @robmcnealy, the co-founder of TUSC, and after our visit, I got super interested in the project. I saw the potential of TUSC, and decided to be the part of the Project. Since then I have been helping TUSC on different tasks. I have been helping @RarelyCharles, senior TUSC Dev, to set up servers, and maintaining them. I have been helping @attero, TUSC DevOps, to test test-net, new releases. I have created few documents to help Block Producers. I have been helping community by setting up Block Producers, and helping them setting up their wallets.

For few months, I have been all over helping other Devs, and the community. I will continue my help on development on TUSC and the community. On the top of that, I will be working on payment gateway for TUSC, and for few months, I will fully focus on it.

I will be spending 10+ hours a week to work on payment gateway.

What will I do in the next 6 months

  • My main focus will be on payment gateway.
  • Help other Devs, and community.
  • Help to test new consensus on TUSC chain.
  • Help our Marketing partners to promote TUSC,

Calculation for worker amount

My Pay rate: 583,000 TUSC/Hour, $50/Hour. Based on TUSC's average price $0.00008591

Total Hours: 220 Hours. 10 hours a week X 22 weeks (Jan 2020 - June 2020)

I will be posting all the updates to this thread.

Thank you in advance for the vote.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, comments, critics.

I am always in Telegram if you need any help, username: rabTAI

***************************** Updates****************************

Jan 7, 2020

Thanks for the votes, and thanks for approving my work proposal.

I have been doing some research on payment gateway, and found some better solutions for the TUSC payment gateway. My work will start from today, and I will keep you all in the loop.

Feb 24, 2020

After doing some research on payment gateway, and working on it for a while, we decided to go with the third party payment gateway.

Why third party payment gateway:

Easier to implement and use rather than reinventing a wheel.

We can reach out to bigger market.

I will be still looking for a better 3rd party payment gateway, but in the meanwhile, I will be working on a TUSC integration procedure, that will help exchange, cyrpto tracker to better integrate with TUSC blockchain.



  • Voted, and looking forward to see some useable payment gateway ASAP on the market ;)

  • Payment gateway using TUSC is a necessity for TUSC to be adopted in target market.

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