2: How to Become a Block Producer (Run a TUSC Witness Node) : Account Handling

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If you want to use your TUSC swap account as a Block Producer or you already have a TSUC account that you want to use, then you can skip the wallet section and jump to witness section (section 3). Make sure that account has 400K TUSC balance.

Running TUSC Wallet_Cli using Docker

Skip this if you are running compiled wallet (built from GitHub).

Saving a wallet and docker container is very important, since we are using Docker, we have to save the docker container (This is must).

Until you exit the wallet, every command that is executed will be the wallet command 

Run the Docker Container

Once wallet image runs successfully, you will be inside the wallet interface.

sudo docker run -it -P bendubois/tusc-cli-wallet

Run compiled wallet

Skip this if you are running ducker.

If you have compiled your wallet from source code, then you need to find the wallet in tusc-core folder

cd tusc-core/programs/cli_wallet



No matter how you run the wallet, you will see this message.

Please use the set_password method to initialize a new wallet before continuing

new >>>

Execute these commands, type after >>>

Set a password

new >>> set_password <use_any_password>

new >>> set_password testPassword

It will return null, but that’s ok

Unlock the wallet 

locked >>> unlock <the_password_you_used_in_new>

locked >>> unlock testPassword

It will return null

You can either create an account or you can import the account that is already created

You can Create an account either using brain key or you can register an account using Public Key

Create an account

Get the brain key first

unlocked >>> suggest_brain_key

It will return 3 Keys, make sure your copy and save it somewhere


wif_priv_key (Private key, should be store securely) 

pub_key (Public Key)

unlocked >>> create_account_with_brain_key "Brain ... key" <accountname> <registrar_account> <referrer_account> true

unlocked >>> create_account_with_brain_key "CODDER … SICULA" rabtaitest rabtai rabtai true

Register account and referrer account are for affiliation, in this example, I am using rabtai as referral 

it will return something like this


Register an Account

register_account <account_name> <owner_pubkey> <active_pubkey> <registrar_account> <referrer_account> <referrer_percent> <broadcast>

register_account rabtaitest TUSC8BZh3LZmvRbQLyuNXVy2VRUKSEt2CoZZppkSLf7QhbWmwkUuZq TUSC8BZh3LZmvRbQLyuNXVy2VRUKSEt2CoZZppkSLf7QhbWmwkUuZq rabtai rabtai 75 true

Import an Account

unlocked >>> import_key <accountname> “<Owner_Private_Key>”

unlocked >>> import_key rabtaitest “5KQwrPbxdL6ahXujxW31FSSQZ1JiwsST4crQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3”

It will return true is succeed

Import a balance from that imported account

unlocked >>> import_balance <accountname> <Owner_Private_Key> <broadcast>

unlocked >>> import_balance rabtaitest ["5KQwrPbxdL6ahXujxW31FSSQZ1JiwsST4crQzDeyXtP79zkvFD3"] true

it will return []

You can verity the balance

unlocked >>> get_account rabtaitest

unlocked >>> list_account_balances rabtaitest

Transfer a balance from/to other accounts 

unlocked >>> transfer <from> <to> <amount> <asset> <memo/message> <broadcast>

unlocked >>> transfer rabtai rabtaitest 9999999 TUSC “Enjoy” true

If the transfer is success, you will get success message


Let’s save the wallet and Docker container before we go to Block Producer commands. If you don’t save the wallet, and docker state, you will lose everything. When you commit the docker, it saves the image locally, that will be your personal wallet to run.

Save the wallet

unlocked >>> save_wallet_file my-wallet.json

It will return null

Save the Docker Container

If you are running Compiled Wallet, then you don't have to worry about Docker

Open a new terminal (if VPS then log in to the server), Do not close or exit the terminal where Docker (Wallet) is running.

Get the container ID, so we can save it locally. This will be on a new terminal, not on the wallet window

sudo docker container ls


f216a846da82    bendubois/tusc-cli-wallet

Save the docker (where you execute sudo docker container ls)

sudo docker commit <container id> <repository>:<tag>

sudo docker commit f216a846da82 localtuscwallet:1

repository:tag is for you to renumber, it is like a file name

It will return sha256 key if success

sudo docker images

This command will show the local stored docker images

Exit the wallet

You can exit the wallet (always make sure to save wallet)

new >>> quit

Third part of the guide will be how to Run a witness node.


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