What is a refund proposal and how does it work?

On the TUSC blockchain anyone can create a worker proposal. If TUSC users like the proposal and vote for it then the worker gets paid at the proposed rate if it receives enough votes. As of 1/16/2020 The total daily worker budget is 5,000,000 TUSC. At each maintenance interval the votes are re-tabulated and proposals are put in order from most votes to least votes. The proposals are funded fully starting with the proposal with the most votes and continuing down the list until the daily budget runs out. The last proposal that gets payment might only get partially funded. 

What if you don’t like any of the proposals? There is no way to vote against proposals so we need refund workers. When a refund worker has enough votes to get funded then the amount associated with the proposal gets returned to the reserve fund for future worker payment. 

There are refund workers available with the following daily budgets:

5,000,000 TUSC

2,500,000 TUSC

1,250,000 TUSC

625,000 TUSC

312,500 TUSC

This allows for combinations to arrive at many different total refund amounts. Please make suggestions for additional worker amounts in the comments below or create your own refund worker. 

Some examples:

I don’t like any of the current proposals so I am going to vote for the 5,000,000 TUSC refund worker. If it has the most votes then all of the worker funds will be returned to the reserve.

I want to support a proposal with a daily budget of 1,250,000 TUSC and another proposal with a daily budget of 625,000 TUSC. I would vote for those two proposals and refund proposals with daily budgets of 2,500,000 TUSC and  625,000 TUSC. If the four proposals that I vote for have the most votes then two workers would get paid and the rest of the daily budget would go back into the reserve. 


Worker proposal: A proposal to the community to claim part of the daily worker budget. Proposals should include a title, a URL to a site with more details, a daily pay amount, a start and end date. Anyone with TUSC can vote for as many or as few proposals as they want to. 1 TUSC = 1 vote.

Vote: A way for the TUSC community to participate in governance by voting for witnesses, committee members and worker proposals. Voting is easy through the GUI wallet at tusc.network/wallet. Login with your account name and private key and then choose Voting from the upper right menu. Voting has a fee, you can save on fees by updating your votes for witnesses, committee members and workers and then pressing save and sending them all in one transaction. 

Maintenance interval: At a regular interval, defined by a blockchain parameter that committee members control, votes are updated based on recent changes and other blockchain maintenance is performed. As of 1/16/2020 maintenance is performed every hour.

Refund worker: A proposal that returns worker budget to the reserve rather than paying out to a contributor. 


  • Not the most intuitive method to de-fund a worker, but it works. We'll get used to it. (Reminds me us using a HP calculator long ago when you had to enter a calculation using Reverse Polish Notation.)

  • The current refund workers will expire on 12/31 and new workers for 2021 are now available for your votes. No need to remove your votes for current refund workers, just add votes for the same levels of the new refund workers or take a look at the new proposals and support them. Feel free to reach out to me on Telegram (@bendubois26) if you have any questions. Please don't vote for the proposal from tuscworker. This person has not identified themselves or said what they will do with the worker funds.

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