Change the Chain Parameters

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Param changes

  • worker_budget_per_day
    • From: 50000000000 (500,000.00000 TUSC)
    • To: 500000000000 (5,000,000.00000 TUSC)
  • maintenance_interval
    • From: 300 (5 minutes)
    • To: 3600 (1 hour)
  • cashback_vesting_period_seconds
    • From: 7776000 (90 days)
    • To: 604800 (7 days)

Voting ends

2020-01-16 02:00:00 UTC

Proposal ID


Committee Members

This is a proposal to change chain parameters and only requires committee members to participate. All applicable accounts are listed here:


This proposal is to change the chain parameters to better accommodate development work, increase the maintenance time to be more reasonable, and decrease the cashback vesting period to also be more reasonable and attractive for users.


  • For all committee members, here is what you need to run in the cli_wallet to approve it:

    approve_proposal <your account_name> "1.7.1" {"active_approvals_to_add" : ["<your account_name>"]} true

  • maintenance_interval

    has one From:

    and has two To:


    only has From:

    does not have To:

  • Fixed. Thanks Frank.

  • edited January 16

    Thanks Ben and Charlie for creating and submitting this proposal. ReadyRhino voted to approve these changes.

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