How to change your Block Producer URL link using the cli_wallet

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I could not find a way in the GUI wallet to change my URL link, so I changed it using the cli_wallet.

Using these instructions you will be able to do it too.

First, you will need to the the cli_wallet program (binary) shared by Ben Dubois on Google Drive:

Download cli_wallet to your desktop, then upload it to any Ubuntu system.

Login to your Ubuntu system and change the properties of the file so that it is executable:

chmod 755 cli_wallet

To start the wallet, copy the following very long line of text, then paste it into the terminal window of your Ubuntu system:

./cli_wallet  --wallet-file=my-wallet.json --chain-id=5a64159ecf7214e8d072712ed9341cda01d9a8d9f8d6ac554decb41542497168 --server-rpc-endpoint=wss:// | tee -a cli_wallet.log

With the wallet running, assign a password and unlock it:

new >>> set_password 123456

locked >>> unlock 123456

Import your account using the account private key:

unlocked >>> import_key testaccount2 "5Hreh49j4ja9dmwR8vMeLhqSynvmm3FS3BBAFvrvdprmRb3UazK"

Use update_witness to change the URL link of your witness node:

update_witness "testaccount2" "" "" true

Lock the wallet and then quit:

unlocked >>> lock

null locked >>> quit


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