How to update your URL link for WITNESS / COMMITTEE proposal post

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  1. You have to download the cli_wallet from
  2. Start your SSH client, and connect to your server IP address
  3. Go to your folder where you have witness_node file etc..
  4. And download the file cli_wallet file with command
wget --no-check-certificate '' -O cli_wallet && sudo chmod +x cli_wallet

IMPORTANT: The system will ask you for your user password! Type in your user password!

After that type command below to run cli_wallet >>

./cli_wallet --wallet-file wallet.json --chain-id=5a64159ecf7214e8d072712ed9341cda01d9a8d9f8d6ac554decb41542497168 --server-rpc-endpoint=wss://

If all is working as it should , you will be inside the wallet

You will get meesage like this

Logging RPC to file: logs/rpc/rpc.log......

Please use the set_password method to initialize a new wallet before continuing

new >>> 

You are inside the wallet now, you type everything behind this >>> from now on!

Now you have to set password, type ( in this case my password is "test-tusc" as a test one) your own password!!!, type after >>>

set_password test-tusc

new >>> set_password test-tusc


Your wallet is locked, to start using it, you have to unlock it, type after >>>:

unlock test-tusc

Your terminal monitor will look like this

locked >>> unlock test-tusc


unlocked >>>

Now your wallet is unlocked with a password test-tusc

To import your account ( I have used my account name (urosspenko) with the fake private key,


type after unlocked>>>

import_key urosspenko,"5J3r1G141221rZ14f1f11r168fYYL1JfQ1DufrM1fnk5sf3Pof1"

where your

  • account_name_or_id: the account owning the key, in my case account name is urosspenko
  • wif_key: the private key in WIF format (the private key in WIF format, my fake private key in WIF format is 5J3r1G141221rZ14f1f11r168fYYL1JfQ1DufrM1fnk5sf3Pof1)

On the terminal monitor you will get something like this:

1926178ms th_a    wallet.cpp:511        copy_wallet_file   ] backing up wallet wallet.json to before-import-key-e0e8ddd8.wallet

1926419ms th_a    wallet.cpp:923        save_wallet_file   ] saving wallet to file wallet.json

1926420ms th_a    wallet.cpp:942        save_wallet_file   ] saved successfully wallet to tmp file wallet.json.tmp

1926420ms th_a    wallet.cpp:948        save_wallet_file   ] validated successfully tmp wallet file wallet.json.tmp

1926420ms th_a    wallet.cpp:952        save_wallet_file   ] renamed successfully tmp wallet file wallet.json.tmp

1926420ms th_a    wallet.cpp:959        save_wallet_file   ] successfully saved wallet to file wallet.json

1926420ms th_a    wallet.cpp:511        copy_wallet_file   ] backing up wallet wallet.json to after-import-key-e0e8ddd8.wallet


And your wallet.json is now saved with imported account "your-account-name" in my case is urosspenko.

TO UPDATE THE WITNESS URL you have to type after this:

unlocked >>>

update_witness urosspenko "" TUSC7RQbwvRQE5i4p4HRuasPWuGty7qfxifKyaZXbK6LdEVPYyqinf true

you will get updated information in the terminal...

like this... ( of course with your own data)


 "ref_block_num": 591127,

 "ref_block_prefix": 3081233286,

 "expiration": "2019-12-30T11:45:42",

 "operations": [[


    "fee": {

     "amount": 2000000,

     "asset_id": "1.1.0"


    "witness": "1.5.12",

    "witness_account": "1.2.157",

        "new_url": "",    "new_signing_key":






 "extensions": [],

 "signatures": [




type now after this :

unlocked>>> quit



Your WITNESS in COMMITTEE URL link is UPDATED, you can quit the wallet now.


You can now also do a backup of the file wallet.json!! This will be in another updated tutorial.

Your Block Producer: urosspenko

Thank you.




  • This is really helpful. Thank you for taking the time to document the process!

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    Be sure to have the latest wallet version , and you will not get and TLS error...

    1. BUT if you read 1st LINE...that should not be a problem! (1. You have to download the cli_wallet from

    version 2.0.181127-772-gb2919c09


    Version: 2.0.181127-773-gd8430859

    To check what version you have

    type in:

    ./cli_wallet --version

    The answer should be:

    Version: version 2.0.181127-772-gb2919c09


    Version: 2.0.181127-773-gd8430859

    if you get wallet version Version: 2.0.181127-771-gb8e7749d, you do not have the latest one.

  • ./cli_wallt --version

    should be ./cli_wallet --version

  • I tried all method, and still got same TLS error.

    I have Version: version 2.0.181127-772-gb2919c09 but still same error.

    Your google drive link has the download link for version 2.0.181127-771, which is older version.

  • edited January 2020

    I just downloaded the one from your link, and had no problem.

     ./cli_wallet --version
    Version: 2.0.181127-771-gb8e7749d
    SHA: b8e7749d19e9be2179bb5f01e866e54ac46a1134
    Timestamp: 68 days ago
    SSL: OpenSSL 1.1.1 11 Sep 2018
    Boost: 1.65.1
    Websocket++: 0.7.0
  • Thanks for the comment rabTAI, command ./cli-wallet --version fixed!

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