urosspenko: TUSC Block Producer #IMPORTANT UPDATE - 10/11/2021#

Hello and welcome TUSC family

My name is Uros and UNIX/Linux is my passion although in my private business last 19 years it is all connected to Linux...

On TUSC network you can find me by name : urosspenko, as I was the 1st one I have established successfully an witness on MAINNET. Yeah and when you are working live you can not change history, that's why you will find 114 missed blocks (first hours of working on mainnet since then I had 0 missed blocks)

I am running a witness_node on a DEDICATED server with target of 24x7x365 uptime.

I am part of the TUSC family since OCC SWAP days and I have been a block producer since the beginning of testnet and would like to help people out with getting setup on hardware, VPS, dedicated server and everything related to TUSC.

I am helping the community with all my acknowledge (tutorial, suggestions etc.).

Thank you for your priceless vote.

Good luck to every one participate in witness ( Block Producer)

Happy TUSC Familliy

Don't Ride Elephants!


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