Welcome to the group. Please say hello and introduce yourself.


  • Hi guys. Great to be a part of this awesome project. To D Moon.

    If you have questions regarding Block Producer, or any stuffs, let me know.

  • Hello, my name is Ben and I have been working on TUSC as a developer for about a year. I will be soliciting your votes to be a block producer and a committee member. I am happy to help with any questions and I welcome your feedback.

  • Howdy, Folks!

    I'm Eden and I'll be helping out with tax questions and discussions?.

  • Hey everyone!

    This is Kristie (shocking, right?). Otherwise known as Rob's wife. I've been helping many of you through the swap, and as we move forward I'll be working as part of the marketing partner team!

  • Hi everyone, new kid here.

    I'm Elaine, some of you may know me from FB/Twitter as Libertarian Redhead. Rob has enlisted my help to build out the activism and outreach arm of TUSC, the Defenders program. I'll be submitting a proposal soon for that and i'm ready to hit the ground running. :) Glad to be part of this community, I'm a crypto newb and not really a tech person so this is a whole different world for me.

  • I'm Rai, a supporter of TUSC looking forward for the bright future of the project thru guns and roses :D , wandering around and lurking.

  • Good day...

    Julius, I keep on following this project, "always on seen mode"

  • Good day. Thanks for supporting TUSC.

  • edited December 2019

    I’m Ryan,

    A big believer in what Rob and the TUSC team are doing. I am currently running a block producer(Beesknees44) to help support the strength and integrity of the new network (and votes are welcome and appreciated).

    Anyone and everyone is welcome to find me on Twitter at @Bergh44. I welcome discussion and innovation, part of what let me to TUSC.

    Onward and Upward!


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