[Worker Proposal] No-Fee Gateway to BitShares DEX 2023 - btwty-gateway

The Bit20 Creative Group operates an automated 1:1 gateway between BitShares DEX and TUSC. This gateway is embedded within the reference wallet at wallet.btwty.com as well as a simplfied user interface hosted at https://btwty.com. A gateway issued asset is a convenient way to utilize TUSC tokens on the BitShares DEX so that users can take advantage of the powerful financial technology provided there, including limit orders, credit offers, and liquidity pools.

If you send 1 TUSC, you would get 1 BTWTY.TUSC a 1-for-1 IOU that you can instantly redeem for native TUSC. The reason for this is it allows any token (with a Gateway) to fit in the BitShares DEX “format”.

This TUSC gateway has been developed in-house by the Bit20 Creative Group (BCG). For the past couple months the gateway has been deployed with a withdrawal fee in order to cover development and maintenance costs. In an effort to catalyze adoption and growth of TUSC markets and the general welfare of TUSC stakeholders, it is our desire to offer a ‘fee-free’ version of the gateway along with some additional market metrics like on-chain exchange volume.


Action – Btwty TUSC gateway to lower all withdrawal fees to zero.

Length – 1/15/2023 - 12/31/2023

Amount - 4 million TUSC / day

Account - btwty-gateway

Additional deliverable: Volume reporting – We will also develop a volume tracking tool for on-chain transactions related to TUSC on the BitShares DEX. This tool will report all exchange volume across the DEX including limit orders and liquidity pools. We will display these market statistics at btwty.com. We expect this tool will take four – six weeks to develop. Released on or before March 14th 2023.

Please reach out with any questions and we appreciate your vote!


  • Please vote out this worker. We are no longer going to provide this service.

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