Gun Owners of America


Gun Owners of America

Total Compensation

379,328,414.59 TUSC

Total Duration

365 Days

Est. Time Frame

03/01/2021 – 03/01/2021


Gun Owners of America (GOA) is seeking to partner with TUSC for the advancement of gun rights across the country. GOA is Washington DC’s only no-compromise gun lobby with four million members. We have been called “worse than the NRA” by anti-gun Senators and we wear that as a badge of honor. We have killed universal background checks when others thought it couldn’t be done. We have sued over Draconian gun laws across the country and won. 

GOA is one of the fastest-growing gun lobbies in the country and quickly expanding. Money isn’t spent on private jets and expensive vacations. The money we raise is directly used to fight back against gun laws.


What TUSC Will Receive

• Partnering with a pro-gun organization will show TUSC commitment to gun rights. 

• Gives TUSC the ability to advertise that they are affiliated with GOA.

• GOA members will get to know TUSC which should lead to further adoption.

Total Breakdown

The rate would be 1,039,255.93/per day

1,039,255.93 x 35 = 379,328,414.59 TUSC

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