Krappy Art Launches Undead Presidents NFT Project

edited October 6 in Announcements

I am super excited to make an announcement about a cool new NFT project I have been working on called Krappy Art.

Krappy Art is an NFT & digital art collective that supports emerging artists navigating the complexities of generative NFT deployments. We believe that all art is important. We believe that art should be shared, it is part of the Krappy.Art Mission.

The first Krappy Art generative art deployment is called Undead PresidentsUndead Presidents, is described by the artist as “an inspired and ghoulish interpretation of American political leaders spanning the years 1993 to 2021, as seen through the eyes of an emerging artist from the developing world.” 10% of all Undead Presidents NFTs sold will go directly to charity.

I think it’s cool, hip and cheeky. Make sure you join the Discord so you can get on the presale whitelist.

Minting info can be found on the Undead Presidents page.

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