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203,084,328.42 TUSC 

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08/01/2021 - 08/01/2022


This proposal is for sponsorship of the GunDoctorT.V. YouTube channel. GunDoctorTV is a variety gun channel with over 16.4 thousand subscribers. We do  anything from skits to 2a news to gun reviews, experimental weapons, commentary, trick shooting and breakdown videos. Generally, we just have fun. Our goal is to not only get new people involved in the second amendment, but to promote safe responsible gun ownership. We upload 2-3 times a week and average 600k-1 million impressions per month. Our audience includes not just gun owners but industry professionals, businesses owners, pioneers inventing new things in the second amendment industry. These same people are seeking alternative transaction options. 

Who am I?

My name is Daniel Woodruff. I’m a lifelong gun enthusiast and 2a advocate. I’m a former police officer and Navy Vet. I’m now a YouTube content creator and gunsmith who is aspiring to be an actor. Overall I’m a guy who has a passion and wants to share that with likeminded people.

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 TUSC will receive 

A sponsorship mention (including links) at the beginning and end of four videos per month. We will also add one of six planned “TUSC skits” that will feature characters that I create, to one of those four videos. That skit will replace the standard sponsorship mention at the beginning of the video. The total shows that will promote tusc is 48. In addition to that I will also promote tusc on the GunDoctorTV Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts those have a smaller combined following of 3,133 

Total Compensation in TUSC

556,395.42 Daily 

16,923,694.03 monthly 

203,084,328.42  1 year or 365 days 

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