Gun Maker's Match Sponsorship




Create a TUSC Fund through Second Amendment Organization to sponsor the First Annual GFEN Gun Maker’s Match on June 19th, 2021.

Total Cost and Payment Proposal:

$50 in TUSC for each Participant (75) + Prize Awards = $4750 + $250 Buffer to cover potential fluctuations and administrative activities.

59, 758, 576 TUSC (at current value) over 45 days to fund Sponsorship  


Funds to be deposited 1,327,969 TUSC per day beginning March 28th, ending May 12th, 2021.



After discussing the mission and potential of TUSC with Rob McNealy, it became clear that his suggestion of having TUSC involved & promoted in the First Annual Gun Maker’s Match made a lot of sense. Rather than have a Sponsorship Donation going only to handful of winners, my proposal is that each participant is offered $50 in TUSC to cover their $50 Entry Fee. This will create more total TUSC owners, which means more active members of the firearms community owning TUSC, talking about TUSC and with a vested interest in TUSC’s Success. 

The idea that TUSC is “covering everyone’s entry fee” is also appealing from a marketing standpoint. 

We will also be awarding $250 worth of TUSC to the winner of each Division and the Top Female Competitor.

Sponsoring this event will bring significant positive attention to TUSC in the firearms community and the industry. It will align TUSC with leading companies and organizations already sponsoring the event, including Firearms Policy Coalition, Polymer80, Brownells, National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW), Gun Owners of America, DEFCAD, JSD Supply and several others. 

By giving everyone involved TUSC, I believe that we tap into many philosophies found in those who are engaged in gun making and crypto currency, such as: Freedom, Equality of Opportunity and De-Centralization. 

Working through 2AO ( extends additional credibility to TUSC and will mean that any unclaimed TUSC (if a participant chooses not to set up a wallet, for example) will benefit the Second Amendment Community as a donation to the non-profit organization, which is focused on developing grassroots advocates in the gun community. Putting the entire sponsorship into 2AO’s wallet also relieves the burden of transferring to 75 individuals from the TUSC Community. 

What is the Gun Maker’s Match (  


GMM is the first official shooting competition exclusively for individuals who make their own guns! Making your gun is a fun, educational activity for firearms enthusiasts. The Maker's Match will provide an opportunity to show off your work while testing your shooting skills against other do-it-yourselfers.

Multiple stage Events will be conducted for both Kit Built and 3D Printed guns in pistol, PCC/Braced-Pistol and Rifle Divisions. There will also be a special Two Gun Shooting Competition for both categories and special Side Match for 3D printed firearms that use no pre-existing parts other than Barrels and Springs!

There has never been an event like this one… and Guns For Everyone National is using this event to kick off a series of competitions for gun makers around the country. 

GMM has been promoted by several firearms media channels already, including Guns & Gadgets, The Gun Experiment, The Gun Shop Show, Truth About Guns and others. Several Firearms Media Personalities/Shows have committed to attending to create content and report on the event as well, including some already mentioned and Michael Bane, Military Arms Channel and Locked & Loaded Latinos.

The event was announced about 1 month ago and is already 75% filled.  



  • I support this proposal. This will be great visibility for TUSC in the 2A community.

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