Change Chain Parameters to Increase Worker Proposal Budget

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Param changes

  • worker_budget_per_day
    • From: 1000000000000 (10,000,000.00000 TUSC)
    • To: 2000000000000 (20,000,000.00000 TUSC)

Voting ends

3/24/2021 9 pm MST/7pm EST

Proposal ID


Committee Members

This is a proposal to change chain parameters and only requires committee members to participate. All applicable accounts are listed here:


This proposal is to change the chain parameters to better accommodate development work. One parameter changes are being proposed to the TUSC blockchain. We are seeking community feedback on the proposed change before committee members vote. Once community members have a chance to provide feedback the on chain proposal will be created and the rest of the information above will be filled in. 

The worker budget per day is currently set to 10 million TUSC and the proposal is to change it to 20 million TUSC. There is a lot of activity going on around TUSC currently. The way to fund all of this activity is through the daily worker budget. TUSC holders can vote for the workers that they want to support and the workers with the most votes get their worker proposals funded until the daily budget runs out. In order to fund development and marketing activities at a faster pace we are proposing to double the daily budget. It is possible to vote for worker proposals that return the budget to the worker fund (refund workers) rather than paying it out if there are not 20 million TUSC worth of worker proposals that a voter wants to support. 



  • I support this within reason. If unspent TUSC is not distributed, I assume it goes back into the worker “pot” for another day. As I anticipate only worthwhile proposals getting approved, I think a larger budget seems deserved. If I have any of this mixed up, please let me know. I only want what is best for you TUSC long-term, and I don’t feel increasing this budget is detrimental for the long-term longevity of the project. In fact, I feel it benefits us all in the short term but at little-to no impact on the long-term horizon. Again let me know if I am mistaken on any of this.

  • Yes. we'll continue to use "refund workers" to push unspent TUSC back to the worker fund, as we've been doing. So if nothing cool is happening, the daily budget just gets saved up!

  • I support this. TUSC needs more budget to cover the workers and project TUSC is funding. We are growing!

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