TWP #0019 - Delay Initialization of ReCaptcha

TUSC Work Proposal #0019

Title: Delay Initialization of ReCaptcha

Worker ID: mishochu

Total: 14,438,944

Duration: 3/12/21 - 3/14/21 (since the work is already done the proposal is listed as 3/18-3/22)

Vesting period: Daily (TUSC per day)

Work done so far: Submitted PR for Issue resolution.

Description: Delay Initialization of ReCaptcha to allow new users to successfully create accounts.

Overview: I delayed the rendering/initialization of the <GoogleReCaptcha> component until after the user has acknowledged the three checkboxes required as part of completing the account creation form.

I moved the <GoogleReCaptchaProvider> component to encompass the entire form.

I added to the list of allowed sites under the content security policy.

Work Needed:

  1. Approve the PR ( and deploy the resultant build

Cost Calculation:

Current Price: $0.00007272 as of 6:48 AM MST 3/11/21 on

Hourly Rate: $150.00

Hours completed: 7 hours

Hours to complete: 1-2 hours

Cost per hour in TUSC: 150USD * (1 TUSC / .00007272 USD) = 2062706.2706 TUSC per hour

Total cost for proposal: 18,564,356 TUSC


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