Inaugural Makers Match #teamTUSC Sponsorship

2021 Inaugural Maker's Match

TUSC Amateur Shooting Team

Sponsorship Promotion

I am putting together a group or team of 4-6 people to attend and compete in the competitions at the 2021 Inaugural Maker's Match being held in St. Augustine, FL, on Saturday, June 19. This event is for participants that have built their own guns. We will have at least one person if not more competing in each of the kit build competitions. Everyone will be wearing a custom jersey with TUSC logo on it as well as taking lots of videos and pictures for social media platforms to help promote TUSC.


  • Competition Tickets
  • 2 nights hotel stay on June 18-19, 2021
  • Travel from MS to FL
  • Food
  • Custom Jerseys
  • Ammunition

Current Price: $0.000050 as of 10:11am CST 03/3/21 on

Total Sponsorship: $5,000 USD @ 0.00005 = 100,000,000 TUSC


  • Who will be on the team? Will you still be competing if this proposal doesn't get approved by the community? Can you tell us more about the structure of the competition and what the exposure will be for TUSC?

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