Work proposal for Backup TUSC explorer

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Proposal: Fund rabtai for creating Backup explorer for TUSC

Name of the Proposal: rabtai's proposal for creating Backup explorer for TUSC

Worker ID: rabtai

Total: 17,857,142 TUSC (Check below to see how it is calculated)

Duration: Feb 26 2021 - March 26th 2021

Vesting Period: Daily ( TUSC per day)

Work done so far:

Hi guys,

I have been working on a back up TUSC explorer for couple of weeks. I had to pay the front end guy (I can't do front end), but I did most of the backend.

Why backup explorer is needed:

  1. Like name suggested, it will be used as a back up explorer. If something goes wrong to main explorer, it will come handy.
  2. Backup explorer will have new features, but at the same time our Main explorer is being worked on by another developer.
  3. Since it is a back up explorer, all the info will be compiled in one page. It will be easier to navigate and easier to use.

While I was working on a back up explorer, there were some issues on our elastic search node, so I had to migrate to new server.

Why Migration was needed:

  1. Owner of old elastic search is not active, I am taking care of new server, so we can keep it up to date.
  2. Old node was running on Amazon Linux, new one is running on ubuntu 20.
  3. Backup explorer is fully dependent on New server, so need need server with latest updates.

Calculation for worker amount

Paid for Front End: 5 Hours X $30 = $150 (Hired in Fiveer)

Backend work: 8 hours X $40 = $320

Server Migration: 7 hours X $40 = $280

Further development: 12 hours X 40 = $480

Total Cost: $1230 = 17,857,142 TUSC (Based on today's rate

Thank you in advance for the vote.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, comments. All feedbacks are welcomed.

I am always in Telegram if you need any help, username: rabTAI

***************************** Updates****************************

I will be posting updates here.


I am working on adding recent blocks and a search box to search for block


I added recents blocks, did some formatting, and you should be able to search by block number

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