Swamp Dog Armory 2021 3D Content Sponsorship Proposal

A little history about me and my channel

My name is Cody Slocum. I am 34 years old, born in western New York state and grew up in Texas and currently living in Mississippi. I am a graduate of Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) with an associate of science in firearms technology degree. I am opening a small shop where I will be focusing on gunsmithing services. I recently started a YouTube channel called Swamp Dog Armory where I will be doing gun and gear reviews as well as ammo testing and skits. I also plan on doing a weekly podcast starting soon. I am also starting a series for the channel called “Builds For A Cause” where I will be doing custom themed builds to be auctioned of for charity or good cause. I am hoping to be able to them once or twice a year, but the frequency is not important so much as the feeling of accomplishment from helping someone in a tough spot. One of the things that sets me apart is I will be doing 3d virtual reality and 3d Lightfield (4hv) gun and gear reviews. The videos will be posted on YouTube, Library, and Holopix (a 3d specific social media platform).

Proposal For Channel Sponsorship for 2021

One of the most rewarding things I was able to do with the channel in 2020 was a project which led me to want to start “Builds For A Cause” which was a special collaborative effort called “Project: This Is The Way” which was a custom Mandalorian themed bullpup build to raise money for the family of a young girl battling brain cancer. Thanks to all those involved that donated items and spread the word, it was a huge success raising $2,000 from the auction. I decided I would like to make that a regular thing and help others as well. Part of the funding for this sponsorship will go towards the next “Builds for a Cause”.

Another portion of the funding is going to go towards a high end custom promotional ar build to help promote TUSC. This will be an ultralightweight pistol chambered in .300blk. It will be made available to display at different trade shows and events. I will handle the logistics of making sure it is at the events. This build will also be showcased on a series of 6-8 videos for a build series spaced out 1 per week. I will also produce a 3d promotional ad for TUSC showcasing the custom build as well and can provide a glasses free display to accompany the build at the trade shows and events to show the 3d videos.

The rest of the funds will go towards the production of the podcast and other videos and 3d content for 2021. I will put a rolling banner in all of my videos promoting tusc.network and I will mention them verbally at the end of every video before my outro as well as in the description of each video.

Proposal amount: $8000 USD payable in TUSC (347,826,086.956 at current rate of $.000023)

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