Proposal for TUSC Giveaway builds

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A little history about me and my channel

My name is Cody Slocum. I am 34 years old, born in western New York state and grew up in Texas and currently living in Mississippi. I am a graduate of Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) with an associate of science in firearms technology degree. I am opening a small shop where I will be focusing on gunsmithing services. I recently started a YouTube channel called Swamp Dog Armory where I will be doing gun and gear reviews as well as ammo testing and skits. I also plan on doing a weekly podcast starting soon. One of the things that sets me apart is I will be doing 3d virtual reality and 3d Lightfield (4hv) gun and gear reviews. The videos will be posted on YouTube, Library, and Holopix.

Proposal for First 3 TUSC Wallet Giveaway Builds

For the first 3 monthly TUSC Wallet promotional giveways, I was given the guidelines of a basic or budget AR with an upgraded trigger and good muzzle brake. This proposal is for my specifications for a build to meet those guidelines.

I will film and produce a 3d (And accompanying standard 2d video) review and promotional commercial for the giveaway rifle.

AR Build includes:

  • Palmetto State Armory lower
  • Bear Creek Arsenal upper
  • Velocity drop-in trigger (3-4 lbs)
  • Jerry Miculek muzzle brake/compensator
  • Minor graphics work including TUSC logo

Parts Price: $850

Labor: $100

3d Promo Production: $150

TOTAL Price: $1100 x 3 = $3300 USD payable in TUSC

at time of submission the current TUSC to USD rate is .000019 $3300 usd divided by .000019 = 173,684,210.5263158/60= 2,894,736.842105263 TUSC daily pay

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