Media partnership with CoinNewsExtra



Total Compensation

$16,000 USD (which can be paid in TUSC)

Total Duration


Est. Time Frame

01/02/2021 – 01/02/2022


This proposal is for sponsorship of the CoinNewsExtraTV programmes. Innovation is evolving and its changing the way we do things, one of the greatest innovation of 21st century is bitcoin & blockchain with other emerging techs like AI, IOT, Robotics etc. which is the number one blockchain , crypto & fintech media platform in Africa, also believe in evolving in its platform, has come up with a TV App solely dedicated to the blockchain, crypto & Fintech ecosystem , just like there are other TV channels for football, music , wildlife etc . We believe that there should be a TV channel solely dedicated to emerging techs, blockchain and crypto. We have looked around there is no such TV channel or platform which displays only blockchain & crypto activities to the masses who are eager to understand and learn about blockchain & crypto. We believe our TV will be the game changer & will bring on board millions into the Cryptocurrency & blockchain ecosystem.

Crypto maybe the key to survival of different sectors, including the gun industry for conducting business. We are eager to do everything to educate the community about viable alternatives like TUSC.

Who we are


 We achieve the afore mentioned through our highly rich contents, Programs and events. We run 

different Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly programs which we broadcast live on our Facebook, zoom and 

other social media platforms. 

- Weekly Blockchain and cryptocurreny vritual panel discussion 

- Weekly coin Market review and analysis 

- Cooperate training and daily Interviews sessions. 


Coinnewsextra operates through our website were, we create and update news contents daily for our 

audience. We also operate through our online video via zoom, YouTube and facebook. 


- First Blockchain and crypto Media platform to be a member of Fintech association in Africa. 

- The only Blockchain and crypto platform in Africa to host a Blockchain and crypto conference during a 

fintech week. 

- Host of only weekly virtual blockchain and crypto panel discussion in Africa 

- Co-Host of the first Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in Africa Conference 

- Media partner to major blockchain and crypto summits and conferences like AIBC Malta, Bitcoin Event 

South Africa, Barcelona blockchain week in Spain, European digital week, blockchain Nigeria user group

conferences in Nigeria and lots of other conferences in the world. 


- Launch of the first Crypto and Blockchain 24/7 online TV platform in Africa. 

_ To onboard over 5MILLION African youths into blockchain and crypto in 5years, through free 

education (CNE Academy). 


- Press release/ Sponsored posts 

- Content Creation

-AMA and Exclusive Interview sessions 

- Banner placement on our website 

- Announcement 

- Sponsorship for our events and weekly events.

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Facebook Page:

What TUSC Will Receive

.Slot for a 15 mintues twice in a month program on our CNE TV (1 year = 24 slots) 

• One year full media coverage by CNE

• Making two post per month or press release for TUSC (for 12


• Placing of TUSC business banner on our website

• Having a media chat (interviews) with a representative of TUSC every quarter of

the year (four times a year), which will be published across all our social media

• Special considerations and discount in any of CNE’s events and summit etc.

• Make a comprehensive reviews about TUSC and post on our website.

• Give media coverage about TUSC summit, meetups etc at 50% discount.

Make you a GOLD SPONSOR on our weekly first ever Blockchain and Cryyto Virtual Panel Discussion

• Placing of TUSC logo only on all the programs (Virtual Panel Discussion)promotional materials.

• Placing of TUSC logo on the programs video only

• Placing of TUSC logo only on a digital banner on our website as sponsor

• Opportunity to have a Rep. of TUSC on the show

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