Sponsorship: Fireside Chats with John Crump

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John Crump

Total Compensation:

98,823,528.96 TUSC

Total Duration:

96 Shows. 

Est Time Frame:

12/01/2020 - 06/15/2020


This proposal is for sponsorship of Fireside Chats with John Crump Podcast. The Podcast is broadcast live to YouTube (1.3K Subs), Facebook (8K Likes), and Parascope (3k Followers). It is available in audio only form the next day where it gets the most replays (10K across all platforms). Portions of the videos are cut and uploaded to AmmoLand depending on need (Avg 200k reads per article). The podcast is 2 years old and broadcast 3 to 5 times a week (avg 4).

My target demographic is the American gun owner who are tech savvy. My audience also includes several online retailers. We believe that crypto is the key to survival of the gun industry and want to do everything we can to support projects like TUSC. At the same time since we believe that TUSC will go from an option to the necessity in the near future we think it is a good investment.  

All proceeds raised on the podcast goes to supporting projects we feel strongly about. We have purchased guns for single moms, provided free training classes, and currently help out a family with a 9-year-old diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (DIPG).

Who I am:

I am a firearms journalist for AmmoLand with an engineering and computer science background. I have the second highest readership of any writer in the field of firearms. I am also an Amazon Best Selling Author who donates 100% of the profits from the sale of my books to projects I believe in. I am the Virginia State Director for Gun Owners of America. I can be seen as a frequent guest on radio, TV, and podcast. I have 7 year’s experience in Podcasting

What TUSC will receive:

Live read at the beginning of each show.

Scrolling banner at the bottom of the live broadcast.

Banner shown every ten minutes

Thank you at the end of the show.

Displayed in every thumbnail


Total Breakdown:

The ad rate would be 1,029,411.76/per show over 96 shows.

1,029,411.76x96= 98,823,528.96 TUSC

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