4: How to Become a Block Producer (Run a TUSC witness Node) : Useful Commands

Here are some handy commands.

Import wallet (Account)

import_key <accountname> “<Private_Key>”

You can import the account that you created in different wallet.

import_balance <accountname> <Priavte_Key> <broadcast>

broadcast is either true or false.

You can move the balance from other account to this wallet.

transfer <from> <to> <amount> <asset> “<memo>” <broadcast>

List accounts


List account balance

list_account_balances <accountname>

Witness Detail

get_witness <name>

Account Detail

get_full_account <accountname>

Vote for Witness

vote_for_witness <voting accountname> <vote for accountname> <approve> <broadcast>

Checking vesting balance

get_vesting_balances <accountname>

Withdraw Vesting Balance

withdraw_vesting <accountname> <amount> TUSC <broadcast>

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