Work proposal for blog and forum development


Paul Bruno-Tusc1(Picked a boring one)


279240000 TUSC (1534285.714 per day for 182 days)



This proposal is to fund my work effort to create content for the blog and forum. The biggest problem that we have is that there is so much content that needs to be created with a clear direction. It will be my objective to do 1 or 2 blog posts a day. The posts will all be relevant to the gun, crypto and credit processing industries focusing on our primary market but leaving a door open for mass adoption strategies.

The forum the goals is to drive traffic and create content and threads that answer questions and generate interest. SEO is going to be a main focus with both forum and blog as well.

I will then also faciliate content migrating to social media in a timely manner, keeping content fresh but also reusing content in coordinated campeigns.

I am also excited to work on strategy or any other areas that I can do while maintaining focus on the forum and blog.

Who I am

I have a hodgepodge of experience. Currently I have 2 CBD stores and projects creating a unique line etc and everyting that goes with it. I've done sales management for Enterprise Rent A Car(It's actually a really good sales program). I've worked with webstartups in the past, from niche clothing to an Angies List type startup. I also had 2 blogs. I became regionally popular but nothing too much to brag about.

I have 0 experience with crypto until about April. I've dove in head first more then most but still a noob in the end. I have an MIS degree and understand coding, so I get most everything conseptually pretty. I think I bring a different persepective which could be beneficial and I will bring a different view to the table if/when needed

What will I do in the next 3 months

  • Keep content pumping on blog
  • Get content on forum and people to the forum using it
  • Position TUSC for mass adooption
  • Help faciliate social media to have a schedule of content

Calculation for worker amount

My rate of pay is $35/hour. As I discussed earlier as an average for the cost of TUSC it would be .0000344

That puts my hourly rate at ~1,029,411.76 TUSC per hour. I'm thinking I'll put in about 10 hours a week. That would be 10,274,117 taking off the .6. Over 12 weeks that would equal 123,289,404 Tusc tokens

Funds to be despositied every 7 days.

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