rabTAI: Work proposal for TUSC bot and continuous support

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Proposal: Fund rabTAI for the work on TUSB bot and continuous support

Name of the Proposal:  Work proposal for TUSC bot and continuous support

Worker ID: rabtai

Total: 407,235,755 TUSC (Check below to see how it is calculated)

Duration: July 1st 2020 - December 31st 2020

Vesting Period: 1 Day (2,213,238 per day)

Time flies super fast, it's been a while that I have been working on a TUSC bot. Having a full time job, full time family, couple of other projects, it is not easy to get enough time to work on one particular project. I need 48 hours a day, so I will be able to do all the work that I want.

I will be giving full support to TUSC bot, and I will be adding more features to the bot.

Calculation for worker amount

My Pay rate: 3,238,342 TUSC/Hour, $50/Hour. Based on TUSC's average price $0.00001544

Total Hours Worked on bot already : 73 Hours : 236,398,966 TUSC

Bot start up fund: 500,000 TUSC (Sent to bot, so bot can create account, bot converted to life time membership)

Support and more features for 2020: 2 hours a week: 26 Weeks: 168,393,784 TUSC

Cost of Running a VPS/Month: $6: 1,943,005 TUSC (Until December 2020)

I will be posting all the updates to this thread.

Thank you in advance for the vote.

Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions, comments, critics.

If you want new feature on the Bot, please let me know (best if you reply to this thread).

I am always in Telegram if you need any help, username: rabTAI

**************** Updates**********

Helping community with TUSCbot

June 26, 2020: Added Top command

June 28, 2020: Fixed registration command pending error, updated message on !reg command

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